Thursday, May 10, 2012

Choosing Your Home Theater Store

The decision to make a home theater purchase takes varying levels of involvement based on a few factors such as budget, size, and interest. Generally the research phase begins prior to the intent to purchase. Like any other purchase, the research phase will mainly focus on discovering what home theater products are available and adequate solutions to building the system you want. A secondary level of the research phase is choosing the proper home theater store to buy from. Some consumers may look at this with ease and trust any online retailor that has the lowest price, but that may not be the best solution.

There are many factors that should go into the decision of where to buy your home theater system at. Some of these factors include shipping costs, customer reviews, product cost, and warranty options, among others. Rating the importance of these factors should have some personal input but here is what I would suspect most people care about. First, price is the initial differentiator but it may not be the most important. Of course, you have to stay within you r budget and if that rule out some retailors, so be it. To fully understand the cost of your home theater system or speaker package you must also look into the shipping costs. Some smaller, compact systems will have minimal shipping costs while others may carry a large price tag. This is where the individual retailors can win out by offering free shipping.  The next factor to focus on is the warranty being offered. In most cases, the only protection for your new home theater products will come from the factory but some individual home theater stores will offer their own plans either included or at a cost. This can be a huge value add to any purchase, especially if your purchase was costly. Future repair costs, should something go wrong, can get expensive and the warranties do give some piece of mind.

In any case, make sure you put as much thought towards your home theater store as you would in the products you are buying. Price shouldn’t be the only factor when making your decision!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

In Wall Speakers

When building a sophisticated home theater system there are a few ways to go. For some the most important aspects are visual while others are more in tuned to the sound production. In many cases, people want something that is both aesthetically pleasing while still full of rich sound.  There are multiple solutions and some great products on the marketplace that fit both requirements.

First let’s take a look at what the options can be. We have to start with room size and configuration to determine the amount of space available to work with. If space is not an issue, than there are plenty of visually appealing speakers on the marketplace. If space is limited than the solution may come in the for of in wall speakers. Not only do they save space they also look great. The functionality is fairly similar to that of an on wall or floor standing speaker but with a much more sleek design. Some sound enthusiasts have avoided this option based on a pretense that the quality is not on par with a larger speaker cabinet and in some cases, that is the truth.  That being said, there are a ton of great, high quality in wall speakers available online and in stores.

Some pros to incorporating in wall speakers start with the powerful sound produced but a shallow cabinet. Remember to read reviews and purchase a quality set of in wall speakers. There are plenty of options on the market some being far superior to others. Make sure to buy a trusted brand or from a reputable manufacturer.

Installation is fairly easy when compared to any other speaker installation. You will need to cut into drywall to create a cavity for the bracket to be easily mounted. The finished product will look great. Some grate or speaker covers are even designed to be painted for a seamless, hidden look!